knee question

  1. knee question

    I'm pretty concerned with keeping my joints healthy. Lately I've been having a lot of cracking and noise from my knees when squatting, lunging, or just bending them in general. I do the fish oil thing and glucossamine (sp?), etc. Is this normal for the knees or a sign of potential problems? Is it sill safe to squat..I want to be able to walk right in 20 years and not in excruciating pain...

    thanks for any input.

  2. It's just the spaces of your synovial cavities in your knees 'popping' and filling with fluid. Nothing to worry about, it's the same as cracking your knuckles.

  3. Don't neglect the little muscles that add to knee stabilization.

    This means training the hip abductors and external rotators, as well as the VMO to improve knee stability. And, generally, IT bands and lateral ham strings are tight as well, so stretching these will improve knee tracking.


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