evening out my arms??

  1. evening out my arms??

    i have noticed that my left arm if a little bit smaller then my right, my left forearm is a little bit smaller but that is where i see the most veins and my left bicep is growing but its growing flat. would it be best for me to do more single arm bicep workouts and use less weight for my right(bigger) arm and heavier weight for my left (smaller) for a while to try and even them out or just accept that i have un-proportional arms, the diff isnt by much and the only reason i know is because i look at them every day but when i ask other people they say they dont really notice. The measurements of my arms are almost the same though because my triceps are slightly bigger on my left arm

    my bicep routine is
    db curls 4x 7-8 reps
    ez bar cable curl 4x 7-8
    ss with
    ez bar overhand curl 4x 7-8
    dont know what they are called but you stand in the middle of two cables shoulder height and do double bi curls

    this is pretty much all i have time for but what would you suggest? i was thinking of trying to add in 4 sets of single arm preacher curls any other suggestions

  2. I'm guessing your right handed, so that's just the nature of the beast. Your already doing a total of 12 sets, so I wouldn't reccomend adding in another 4. You'll just be overtraining at that point. I also wouldn't single one arm out & train with different weights. If your measurements are the same & nobody other than yourself can notice, just keep doing what your doing.

    The Neck

  3. Dumbells only for a while. Get rid of the bars.
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