Favorite 5x5 Version?

  1. Favorite 5x5 Version?

    For years ive based my training off of 5x5. When my training stalls, ill switch it up, but always find myself going back to the good ole 5x5. Ive noticed there are tons of versions out there. It seems like everyone and their brother have made their own version. My question to you is what is your favorite version (Madcow, Bill Starr, Mark Rippetoe starting strength, etc.) and why? Has anyone found any similar substitute programs (531, DC, etc.)?

  2. Westside Barbell Routine & Wendler's 5/3/1 are two more programs you should look into. By looking at what you've done to date, I'm guessing the Wendler routine would be a better fit. The Westside routine is pretty much geared towards PLing.

    I do Westside for 3 months & switch to Wendler for one month, then repeat.

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