New Workout Routine. Help!! -

New Workout Routine. Help!!

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    New Workout Routine. Help!!

    Hey guys. Im enjoying my current workout routine but i think it is time to switch it up. My current routine is below. I would be switching up the lifts i do a little but i mainly want to change what bodyparts i work out each day. I know some people choose to do just one body part a day. I would really appreciate it if you guys post your routine for body parts you work out each day. Thanks

    Sun- Off
    Mon- Chest/tris
    Tue- back/bis
    Wed- Off
    Thur- Shoulders/traps
    Fri- Legs
    Sat- Cardio/abs

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    M Chest and back
    T Legs
    W rest
    T Shoulders and traps
    F Arms including forearms and abs
    That's just one way, the possibilities are endless, just make sure you get the rest you need!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!
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    M- Chest/Tri (night) and fasted cardio 40 minutes in the morning
    T-Back/Biceps (night) fasted cardio 40 minutes in the morning
    W-Legs (night) fasted cardio biking 40 minutes in the morning
    T-Shoulders/Abs (night)
    Friday-Fasted Cardio
    Saturday-Fasted Cardio
    Sunday- Reflective period, where I ask myself why I'm putting myself through this hell known as working out.

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