Injury, how to maintain muscle mass?

  1. Injury, how to maintain muscle mass?

    Had a shoulder injury and am in PT right now, its like they woke a dormant monster because now i can not work out, i have been going to do legs. Everyday lifting, moving, ect hurts so working out is outta the question.

    How can i maintain my muscle if i may not be able to workout for a few weeks, i can hit legs heavy which im doing, still hitting core. My appetite is dropping so im afraid and am trying to stay on top of it. I was bulking, should i continue to eat a little above maintenance?

    Thought about doing a cut but then i thought i would prolly shred muscle away if i did cardio. So am i SOL or what can i do to maintain as much as possible?

  2. Well what it sounds like your body needs is rest. As little as you probably want to just take a week or 2 off of upperbody. Keep doing your pt, and in all actuality your going to lose very little in even a month. I understand your dying to hit chest and shoulders probably, I've battled my fair share of shoulder injuries. On top of pt look into doing Wall Slides, as well as foam rolling your Teres major and minor to help with your shoulders. Best of luck.

  3. Its been two weeks out of the gym im going crazy lol, i know to get better i need to rest but want to make sure i dont lose everything.

    Wall slides im going to try out thanks! They told me to do a few exercises for shoulders at gym with very light weight, but im not really feeling it cuz its so light, and im sore from the PT in the first place so idk what im sore from.

    I tore something in my rotator cuff and it healed back, now there is a hole in the middle of it. so they are going to have me strengthen the small muscles in the shoulder.

  4. Theres an interesting article at ergo-log about creatine keeping inactive muscles size and strength up. I cant post links due to my post count, but if you run a search on "Creatine keeps inactive muscle strength up", you'll find the article i'm referencing.

    Aside from that, maintaining an adequate protein and caloric intake will minimize muscle atrophy due to inactivity.

  5. YouTube - Shoulder Mobility Exercises

    check out that video legacy. Keep up with the PT, and best of luck.

  6. thanks BK


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