Matt Kroc's BBing/PLing split

  1. Matt Kroc's BBing/PLing split

    Does anyone have experience with this? I'm a volume junkie so it looks nearly perfect for me.

    I've been doing 5/3/1 in this format:
    M: Bench and arms
    T: Deadlift and hams /abs
    R: Press and upper back
    F: Squats and hams / abs

    and then I read in PL USA about Matt Kroc's split, which is very similar but has two extra training days to put the assistance work in:
    M: Bench and assistance
    T: Deadlift and hams / abs
    W: Arms
    R: Upper back, mainly DB and BB rows
    F: Press and shoulder assistance
    S: Squats and hams /abs
    Sunday: off

    I would love to get in the gym more, so this split looks awesome to me, what do you guys think?

  2. I think it could work, but you would have to be very smart about how you manage your volume and intensity. Remember that you may not have the ability to recover and adapt like Matt K for a variety of reasons. Also keep in mind he seems to be injured on a somewhat regular basis, so he might not be the first person I would choose to emulate with training. With all that said, I would ease into it slowly and see how your body reacts. Ultimately the question you have to answer is whether you like volume because it works better for you or just because you like being in the gym.

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