Does anyone know anything about HST?

  1. Does anyone know anything about HST?

    I've been wanting to switch to a full body workout and I've heard good things about HST. Any thoughts or recommendations of other full body workouts that are good for putting on size?

  2. you hit each muscle group 3xs per week. basically you use a graduating high frequency percentage system. I beleive it runs in two week cycles. each workout you basically work the whole body. It is difficult but I have seen people get good results in muscle growth from it.

    week 1
    day 1 75% of 10rm
    day 2 80% of 10rm
    day 3 85% of 10rm

    week 2
    day 1 90% of 10rm
    day 2 95% of 10rm
    day 3 100% of 10 rm

    weel 3 return to week 1 %s

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