Strength/Endurance training Cycle

  1. Strength/Endurance training Cycle

    I was wondering if I could get some input from you guys on a Strength/endurance training Cycle.

    Someone had mentioned to me a while back (I forgot and for some reason remembered today) about a way of training For strength for a set period of time, and then changing to Endurance Training for a set period of time. Repeating back and forth with a rest period in between.

    They said something along the lines of 6 weeks each with a one week break in the middle.

    I have never heard of this before.... Curious if anyone here has.

  2. What kind of endurance do you mean. There is a huge difference between training endurance for long distance running, and training muscle endurance by doing high reps or a lot of bodyweight exercises.

  3. Like training Muscle endurance... sorry.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by D3vildog View Post
    Like training Muscle endurance... sorry.
    You can train muscle endurance on a daily basis without interfering with your lifting. It's Pavel's 'grease the groove' concept. There is some debate that it actually helps because it is a form of active recovery.

  5. One should cycle workouts anyway, there are limitless possibilities!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  6. Look into periodization. There's a ton of info out there.

    From the research I've read, experts I've spoken with, results with my clients and personal results, there really isn't any reason why you should not be periodizing your training.

    The question becomes, what type of periodization. And of course, setting it up.

    The most basic is classic (or linear) periodization. In it, you start with higher reps, lower sets, shorter rest periods for general preparation and muscular endrance. Move to hypertrophy for 2-6 weeks. Move to strength and then finally power. This is finished with a peak and a deload.

    Non linear periodization is what I have had the most personal and client based success with. In it, different movements are in a different phase simaltaneously. For example, pushing movements may be in power, pulling in hypertrophy, and lower body in power.

    Finally, there is undulating periodization. I believe the original philosophy of it was WJ Kraemer. Undulating is (most commonly) used to maintain a level of strength and conditioning while in a multi-event season (team sports, hs/college track and field, etc.). In undulating, there are 5-8 workouts that rotate based on competition and recovery in order to maintain the desired levels of performance and fitness.

    I would suggest for what it seems you want, to start with linear and as you build your knowledge and ability to construct and implement a program, start experimenting with non linear.


  7. I don't think you necessarily have to go through separate cycles for strength and strength endurance. You could train both in the same program while emphasizing one and basically doing maintenance work on the other. For example, you could do some heavy squats as your strength work and then do some high rep kettlebell swings for your strength endurance work. If you are emphasizing strength you can push your SQ poundage each week while simply maintaining your swing volume. When you switch to a strength endurance emphasis, you could simply pick a level of SQ strength you want to maintain and push the volume on the swings. You could apply these principles with whatever movements or muscles you want. I like this better than completely separate phases since I think this allows you to better maintain the quality you aren't emphasizing at the time. I would recommend something like 4 weeks of strength emphasis, 1 deload week, 4 weeks of strength endurance emphasis, deload, 4 weeks strength, deload, etc....

  8. Lots of good information here.

    I just thought the idea of completely separate phases was kind of neat, then again I had never heard of it before. I do like the idea of concentrating on both in the same phase as SRS said.

    Good information from everyone! Thanks


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