Leg day, went pretty well.

  1. Leg day, went pretty well.

    Had a really good leg work out today. Sick of calling a friend and telling them **** they don't care about so its AMs turn. Everything without a space is a super set. Flame away...

    Yesterday I did shoulders and ran stadiums after 5x to the top (about 150 steps)

    Today I biked 1.5 miles to the gym and then

    Seated Calves 90x10x2 Dropset
    Standing Claves 30 sec hold 3x10

    Quad ext. 3x10
    Hamstring Curl 3 Drop sets. With both these I just try to make sure I get a good squeeze @ the top.

    Squats. Warm up 4x135, 4x185, 4x225, 4x275
    315x3x3 with 30 second breaks

    Front Squat 135x10x3
    Single Leg Straight leg dead lift 80x8x3

    Leg Press Single Leg pendulum. 135x20, 180x16, 225x12, 270x8, 315x6, 360x6
    Standing 1 leg hamstring curl 50x10x3

  2. Nice work!!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by drivehard View Post
    Nice work!!!

    Adding some actual content to the thread, I worked legs yesterday and did the following for squat.

    Warm up
    315x3x5 with 1 minute breaks, 225x5x3

    What would be a good work out for next time. I was thinking
    Warm up, 315x5x3 or perhaps 275x8x5.

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