Getting into kickboxing. Ideas?

  1. Getting into kickboxing. Ideas?

    So, I've been working out since June, I like lifting weights and all but my trainer has gotten me into kickboxing, and endurance stuff like whole body workouts. I have to say, I'm loving it, I never felt so close to dying in my life. haha

    First off, he asked me to buy "bag gloves", possibly some wrap, and other helpful things, anybody have any tips? They have them at the gym but they are really ****ty and my knuckles have been hurting from it.

    Also, if someone wants to help me work out a workout schedule, that will probably make me want to go to the gym more often then my current 2 times a week, probably back up to 5 times like I used to! Currently the only thing set in stone is my trainer is monday, so probably my break would be saturday/sunday.

  2. You NEED wrist wraps. Get elastic(sometimes called Mexican style) extra long wraps and learn how to wrap your hands correctly. Get 12 oz bag gloves. Then can be cheap crap, the wraps are the important part. You're also going to want shin guards. You don't need them to prevent injury, but it's nice to not have bruised thighs when you miss a little, again they don't have to be of great quality.

    You will very quickly learn to throw a punch hard enough to break you wrist when it lands crooked. You'll also hurt your knees and ankles with a bad kick. Check Bas Rutten's Extreme Pancrase instructional videos (ahem... torrent). He does not follow strict muai thai form, but he does talk about his workouts along with punches and kicks. He even has a video about how to beat the s*** out of someone at a bar (not kidding). He's a hell of a lot more entertaining than most martial arts instructors, but you do need to throw perfect strikes if you're going to train often.

  3. wrist straps should be the first priority. like the above poster said, you learn quick when you can't make a fist for 2 weeks. i use a heavy bag in my garage and bas ruttens instructional cd's and that's a great workout imo.

  4. Furthermore, buy a good mouthpiece (I like ShockDoctor personally) and use it throughout out every workout to get used to breathing through it.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Thanks guys! I'm a big fan of Bas Rutten, very funny guy! I wasn't sure also what size gloves to get, I have big hands but I'm not sure HOW big. will 12oz be right or what? the ones I was looking at just say the size, not how to tell if they are big enough (saw some at bodybuildings site)

  6. i have 16 oz gloves, but i would say it depends on what you want. i like the extra work.

  7. I have 3 pairs: 16 oz leather boxing gloves, 7 oz MMA sparring gloves, and 4 oz MMA competition gloves. I use the 4 oz gloves only on occasion to help my hands adapt to the stress of live action.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. 16oz? go for 10oz.. work on yiur neck alot..
    I'm box alot.. so it's important neck training..
    condition condition
    hiit you ads off.. if u not conditioned your going to be screwed..
    means more oxygen.. I have trouble keeping my hands up cause of my muscles in arms and shoulders.. and I pay for it, getting rocked in the head by my couch


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