Need a MASS program

  1. Need a MASS program

    I need a four day mass program... also i hate doing legs becasue well my legs are big to beging with from doing squats 3 days a week for six months and having my knees fill up with fluid so less legs the better. Please help me pick a mass rountine. I want to get huge haha oo my stat 5'10 201lbs 13-14%bf. So what do you suggest?

    (im going on my 2nd week of superdrol/epi bridge wanna change it up some)

  2. I would say DC.....I myself work out at home and don't have a rack to do it safely, but if I could I would be all over DC style for a routine from what I've read.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. Easy.

    Monday- Upper Body; horizontal emphasis/vertical maintenance
    Tuesday- Lower Body; quad emphasis/posterior chain maintenance
    Thursday- Upper Body; vertical emphasis/horizontal maintenance
    Friday- Lower Body; posterior chain emphasis/quad maintenance
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  4. if your stats are accurate.. you already seem huge..
    my boy 5 11 and 200 pounds..
    I think he is genetically gifted...
    I work out twice as hardes then him and I'm no where near his mass.., I know I whopp him on
    legs cause he doesn't work out on them lol..
    and he bitches cause he doesn't feel the test ye...

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