Symmetrical Abs and obliques?

  1. Symmetrical Abs and obliques?



  2. I recall reading an article where it said there isnt really anything u can do about it just be happy u have abs. Not sure how scientic the article was bc it was a while back.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JasonblkZ06 View Post
    I had a lower back, SI, and left hip injury 10 years ago when an illegal alien drunk driver rear ended me. No broken bones, but it required some physical therapy. Could this have had something to do with it? Perhaps one side compensated for the other during this time? I am completely healed from that injury btw.

    Is there a way to build these correctly to ensure they are symmetrical or is this just how I am?
    A lot has to do with posture. Since you had injuries in the past,particular to your mid section it has probably thrown off your posture. Most likely your body has compensated in some way. What's very interesting about the human body is it will adjust accordingly so that your vision is straight. Even if your injury has healed unfortunatley you will never be the same. With proper therapy you can build the muscles that are weak, stretch the muscles that are tight but you'd have to have someone that specializes in that area like myself. Couldn't tell you what to do unless I evaluate you in person.

    I've been in 2 major car accidents myself and I foam roll and stretch a lot but I have to do it everyday because my body always goes back to being jacked up very quickly.

    Most people however do not have symmetry. You will find minor compensations even in a person that seems to have perfect posture. Most of the time we only notice our imperfections and they are far exaggerating. Often others will never see them. If your competing in a bodybuilding contest it may be noticable if it's extreme. If you don't plan to do a competition then I wouldn't worry about it.
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  4. Most people don't have symmetrical abs. Go check out some pictures of professional bodybuilders. Most of them have asymmetrical abs. Pretty common. But visable abs are better looking than nonvisable ones, don't get caught up in worrying if they're symmetrical or not. Just concentrate on developing what you have. Cause that's about all you can do anyway.


  5. Generally its considered genetic.


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