Squatting with sprained ankle

  1. Squatting with sprained ankle

    I sprained my ankle playing basketball. Not too bad, the kind thats totally gone in a week. I'm gonna take a day off and skip running this week. My question is, can I make it worse by squatting, deadlifting, and rowing through moderate pain?

  2. If its totally gone in a week why chance it? Just give yourself a nice long break or do stuff that doesn't involve pushing with your legs.
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  3. Yes, you could make it worse. As Waynaferd says, just let it heal.
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  4. Depending on your form and style, you can probably deadlift on it just fine. Make sure you wrap it and at the minimum lace your shoes up very tight. I've seen a lot of people train through this when prepping for a meet or even competing. The squat is tougher because there is more ankle flexion, but the deadlift is pretty much just standing on it; if you can shrug on it, you can likely deadlift. Proceed cautiously and remember that the most intelligent thing to do is to let it heal, but few of us choose that route all the time.

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