Shoulder surgery or not??!?!?

  1. Shoulder surgery or not??!?!?

    My doctor says the abnormally curved bone in my shoulder is causing my chronic bursitis. After three cortisone shots in eight years, he wants to operate, and shave the end of the bone down. Most of the time I can deal with the pain, but sometimes I know the pain limits my workouts (chest and shoulder).

    What do think guys? It will mean 1-2 months total downtime. Keep working through the pain or just get'r done???

  2. sounds reasonable. maybe taking a bit off your acromion or maybe AC joint. beats having rotator cuff repair surgery. make sure you're plugged in with physical therapy post-op and get careful guidance from the doc when you can lift again. good luck.

  3. I don't know about others, but my shoulder surgery took a lot longer than 1-2 months to heal from. I had a similar procedure called a subacromial decompression, where they shaved off some of the bone on the underside and removed the bursa sac. Sounds like the basic problem you're having. It was a good 4 months before I could start lifting again - and that was very light weight. It was another 4 months before I was back to normal workouts. I was told its usually a 8-10 wk recovery period, but that's a bunch of crap. I did PT for almost 3 months, too. Maybe I'm just a slow healer, but that really sucked not being able to work out - lost about 14 pounds, which is a LOT for me.

    I think your timeframe for being back at it is a little unrealistic, but everybody is different, so you may heal a lot faster. Just don't be surprised if 3-4 months go by and you still can't workout.

  4. regardless of downtime, i say get the surg. chances are, it's only going to get worse with time. plus, you will still be able to get in the gym and train some light lower body during your recovery. in my eyes, regardless of downtime, your quality of life will only improve witht the surg. being out of the gym will suck for sure, but in the long run, it will just be a bump in the road.

  5. what swol' said, just get the surgery. You may have some downtime but in the long term it will be worth it. Also worth considering is that we all have lives outside of lifting and you don't want something like that affecting you badly further down the line

  6. If you just keep working through the pain, the shoulder will only get worse over time. If you go ahead and get the surgery you will have some rehab time, but overall you will likely lose less training time than if you are constantly in pain or injured. I would get the surgery done now before you end up damaging some of the other more important structures in the shoulder than are much harder to repair and recover from.
    You have to think long-term and a bony abnormality isn't something you can get over or will go away on its own.

  7. I had a rotator cuff surgery last summer. After tearing all 360 degrees of my labrum and my shoulder digging a groove into my shoulder socket from subluxing so many times my doctor decided to operate. Recovery wasn't awful though. 6 weeks in a brace was rough but, bearable. The PT wasn't awful either but I was back to lifting before the full 4 months was finished. The interesting thing is, my shoulder is stronger now than ever before. I would say bite the bullet and get the problem solved rather than avoiding it indefinitely.

  8. Sounds like surgery is really the only option here. Like others said you don't wanna cause further damage down the line. Take seriously your PT afterwards, don't miss a day.
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  9. Don't miss a single day of PT, it'll really help you out down the line. I agree with Flaw, based on what's been said surgery seems like your best option. My doctor threw me on pain killers for 5 months before I switched doctors to get the operation. My shoulder went from a 270 degree tear, to a full 360 degree tear and a groove dug out of my shoulder socket.


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