Im trying to drop weight but not loose to much Lean while doing so. I am currently running a split training routine at my gym, so I do my weight training at noon for about 30-45 mins and then in the evening between 6 and 9 for about 45mins to an hour of cardio, I also do my abs during my night sessions.

My cardio I am running is 20mins of speed interval training on stair treadmill and 20mins of interval sprints on the elliptical machines. I had a knee injury so doing much running just flares it up.

For weight training I have been doing alternating drop sets and burn sets 4 to 5 exercises for each area im working on. With the first set being a drop set or a burn set. So on drops sets on say dumbbell bench im doing 85lbs x 8 65x8 45x8 25x to failure or 20. That is set 1 then follow back up with 2 sets of 85x8 to finish. On my burn sets I just grab 85x8 drop grab 55x to failure then 2 more sets of 85x8. I do this for the first exercise in my routine do normal 8reps x 3 for the rest.

Monday- Noon- Chest... Evening- Abs/Cardio
Friday-Noon-Arms...Evening Abs/Cardio
Sat- Noon- Full body Circuit this is every other week, otherwise cardio x2
Sunday- Noon-Cardio....Evening Abs/Cardio

I dont know if this would be over doing it I dont really get to sore from much of anything, also the rest of my day is pretty seditary work, sitting on my ass.