1. Problem

    So i train twice a day, one being a cardio/weight session, the other being a pure cardio session, i notice that the ONLY problem i have lifting that is holding me back from bumping up the weights is my damn elbow

    What im wondering, what would be causing a sharp pain in the tendon right in the middle of my elbow, or its a joint thing, not entirely sure, just know it hurts like a beaz

    Anything i can do to work on strengthening the area in particular

  2. Tried wrapping it?

    I personally have no idea, but a lot of these guys in here know their crap, so they should help ya out.

  3. tendon pain is generally caused by over use... ie. tendonitis... the only real remedy is time off to let the inflamed and irratated tendon to heal. this totally blows, so if there are particular exercises that really agitate the elbow, (alot of times it's curls involving pronation and supination of the hand, or exercises that involve gripping) avoid what hurts, and do what you can. but really, time and rest is the only true cure...

  4. Time off, avoiding exercises that hurt, and sticking to only essential exercises that involve elbow flexion/extension.

    Which brings me to my next question, do you feel the pain during flexion (pulling movements and curls) or extension (pressing movements).

    Finally, get a cone dixie cup. Fill it with water and freeze it. Peel away the bottom of the cup, and use the point on the ice to massage the area where it hurts.


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