madcow 5x5 vs 5/3/1 vs hst

  1. madcow 5x5 vs 5/3/1 vs hst

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on what is the best program from strength and hypertrophy. What are the strengths of each of these common workouts and what are the cons to them? Im looking to pick a workout i can stick with long term and right now i'm leaning towards 531. Im really looking to put some wheels on as my legs are grossly under developed.

  2. I wuv me 5/3/1. well actually I do a mix of the 2 and westside, so yeah.. but I use the 5/3/1 progression method and "template"

    IME it depends how good you are with your big lifts. If youre having technique / form problems dont do 5/3/1 because you arent doing many sets of it. 5x5 would be better to start off with if youre more on the novice side.

    pros Id say 5x5 youre gonna gain a lot faster but stall quicker

    cons 5/3/1 is slow progression but you can add more, than again you will just stall faster. I finally have stalled on some lifts on 5/3/1.
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  3. Sounds good. i've been lifting for quit awhile with some coaching along the way so form isn't a problem. 5/3/1 seems to be the best choice for me the more I read. Im way more interested in slow steady continous gains rather then a quick gain then stall.

  4. ok ya if you know how to do the lifts effective and have some technique it shouldnt be a problem vs just going through the motions.

    it makes it pretty easy only going for 90% of what you should be capable of, always can get 1 rep
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  5. whats up with the 5/3/1 bbb? used it before? just from the description it seems like the approach id go with for my assistance work but i have received my book yet to see what its all about.

  6. Depends on your level of experience.

    5X5 is you're more towards the intermediate lifters. If your poundages are above average/intermediate, then 5/3/1 or HST are both good.
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