Waterpark in 3 days! What can i do at the gym to look shredded?

  1. Waterpark in 3 days! What can i do at the gym to look shredded?

    Hey guys, My stats are 6'0" 206-210lb. I got a rough 6 pack with no flex and a solid 6 with flex. I am hitting up the water park and I only have 2 days at the gym. I already got a nice tan going, cleaned up my chest/stomach.

    My goal is to look get those vains poping and have the abs stand out more. I have been running on a good diet and i stay away from cardio. What would you suggest? I was thinking... Today: Cardio, upper body (hi reps), abs. Tomorrow Cardio, lower body (hi reps), abs

    Up the protein and lower the calories, stay away from sugar and trans fat?

  2. Way to late to make any noticablle differance. The only thing would think of is doing a carb load. Especiall if you have been losing weight. The extra glycogen will fill you out nicely.

  3. And do some fast isolations right before to get a good pump going.....I used to do that at the hotel right before crossing the street to go to the beach, LOL
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  4. Haha, yah man im bringing cables and a 20lb dumbell in my bag. Ive done cardio and lots of abs in the last 2 days. Its been too late for major difference, but i think i look pretty jacked, i just dont want to be bloated, and 2 days is better then nothing.

    Anyway, thanks. Hitting up the trip tomorrow!!

  5. Hemavol

    Oh wait, you said in the gym

  6. you are your own worst critic. sounds like you look pretty solid. just train as usual and go enjoy yourself. throwing your diet and training routine out of whack for a day at the waterpark doesn't seem worth it...


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