workout guys give me a hand, i need it

  1. workout guys give me a hand, i need it

    Wzup peoples?? I was recommended to this site by my cousin who started weight training after a knee surgery and enjoyed the rehad about turned it into a full time thing. I on the other hand have 2 problems. One im HANDICAP. I walk on forearm crutches (not the ones under ur arm but wrap around under ur elbow) so a lot of the so called cardio exercises i cant do (run, jumping jacks, bike riding, etc..) basically anything regarding primary leg use. I am a pretty good size now but i wanna add a lot of volume to my chest and i'd like to see my ab muscles but again.... Per my disability I cant do a complete sit up. A crunch, i can prob get about half of my back off the ground so i can get the muscle to respond. If pics would help I'll post but I need to know where CAN i start? can i lose the excess fat in my tummy area 1st which isnt much or can i go into a more strict died and into weight training. I've looked every where i've been told all the answers are here. Someone hook me up. FYI dont get mad at me but im posting this is seperate forums here so I make sure to reach all that can help me.

  2. Swimming an option? Dieting? As for workouts do sit ups as best u can, maybe set something up where u anchor one end of a rope by ur feet and pull yourself to a upright sitting position ull be using mostly arms and back but ur engaging ur ABS to some extent. Sorry bro im a little stumped here but good luck and remember anything u do physically more than the day before is the basics of bettering ur physique.

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