getting back into it

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    getting back into it

    Whats up guys new on here....had to take some time off to rehab my ankle because i destroyed it during baseball...need some pointers to get back into the swing of things. Im about 210 215 right now around 5 11. during football i was 195 i max benched 355 and squatted around 415. I just want to change my workout to lean down instead of my usual bulking up for football. I still have a lot of pure muscle mass its just a little covered up and i want to be lean. Any tips would be helpful

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    Do some cardio.

    Also I would suggest using a rep scheme that goes something like.

    Week 1 and 2: 8-12 x 3
    Week 3: 20x3 Should barely be able to get 20 and then try again twice to failure.
    Week 4: 16, 8, 8, 8

    I did this when I finished football and hypertrophy was nuts.

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