Newbie needs workout routine!

  1. Question Newbie needs workout routine!

    I haven't really worked out more than a couple of months in highschool (4 years ago!... eek!) but this is what I've been doing, getting some really nice bench press gains but slowing on the weight gain. Biceps are getting stronger but not at the same rate as my chest/back/triceps.

    Monday Chest and Triceps
    - 3X8 Flat Bench Press
    - 3x8-10 Dumbell Fly
    - 3x8-10 Inclined Dumbell Press
    - 3x8-10 Decline Dumbell press
    - 3x8 Cable Tricep Extensions (under chin to waist)
    - 3x8 Skull Crushers

    Tuesday Biceps and Forearms
    - 3x10 Barbell Curls (narrow grip/supinated)
    - 3x10 Hammer Curls
    - 3x10 Seated Preacher Curls (curl bar)
    - 3x10 Wrist Curls
    - 3x10 Reverse Curls (palms down)
    - Super Set ?Curl Thingies!? Get a larger weight than I usually use and aid one arm lifting the weight up, then letting it down slowly without aid. (3x10 lowering weight between sets with no rest inbetween sets.)

    Wednesday Off

    Thursday Shoulders and Back
    - 3x10 Wide Front-Grip Pullups
    - 3x10 Narrow Front-Grip Pullups
    - 3x10 Reverse-Grip Pullups
    - 3x8 Dumbell Shoulder Press
    - 3x8 Dumbell Cuban Press
    - 3x10 Cable Rows (sitting on floor with slightly curved bar, wide gripped)
    - 3x10 Cable Sternum Pulldowns
    - 3x8 Lateral Front Raises (dumbells)
    - 3x15 Shoulder Shrugs

    Friday Chest Superset
    - 10 reps 135lbs
    - 8 rep + 10lbs
    - 6 rep + 10lbs
    - 4 rep + 10lbs
    - 2 rep 175lbs
    - 4 rep - 10lbs
    - 6 rep - 10lbs
    - 8 rep - 10lbs
    - 10 rep 135lbs
    - Max rep small weight (75-80 lbs)

    Saturday/Sunday Off

    I am aware that this workout may, or more probably is, TERRIBLE. But that's why I am here Also note that I do ZERO leg workouts. Is this neccessary to get good gains? I hate having sore legs, I play basketball alot and really don't have adequate equipment to do leg workouts... okay I can do lunges and stuff but... ugh.

    I'm not really sure what my maxes are, except my flat bench press which is 205lbs (Shocked myself here). My old PR from 4 years ago was 185lbs and only been doing this workout for 3 weeks.

    Diet?... Pfft! I need a hand here, the thought of eating "healthy" seems scary. Are there some simple meal plans to get what I need to get some mass? e.g. Peanut Butter, Bread, Fruit, blah? I pretty much just look for protein and carbs out of my meals atm.

    I am taking some MASS XXXX from GNC with consists of 70g of protein and 1000 calories (among some other things, creatine and stuff) but just used my last serving today and picked up some Six Star Whey Protein (Professional Formula). I took the protein post workout. I am also on my 3rd day of Pink Magic, hoping it isn't all hype. Noticing some major vascularity though, my recovery doesn't seem to have improved though.

    Throw me some advice, call me dumb.. whateva. I'm a newb!


    I also do Ab Ripper X (from p90x) Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
    Probably need to swap this up since I have been doing it for about a month now. What would you recommend to incorporate abs into the routine also?

    Bench Press with incline decline.
    Curl bar
    Weider home gym thingie:
    *Butterfly machine
    *Pulldown bar
    *Pulldown bar can be put on the floor cable to do curls, rows, shrugs, or whatever.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by aSKINNYkid View Post
    Also note that I do ZERO leg workouts. Is this neccessary to get good gains?
    short answer. YES. doing squats can increase testosterone and growth hormone production, plus it hits something like 70% of the major muscle groups. Make sure you stretch properly afterwards as well for it can help with reducing muscle soreness the next day. Also i find that doing cardio (bike riding) after a leg workout helps with it.
    just a side not with the forearms, get the rep range a bit higher, around 15-20 same goes for calves.

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