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  1. rep ranges

    So I have read all over the place to switch up your rep ranges every 6-8 weeks with a week break between.

    What are the best rep ranges to use? Looking for heavy to gain size and moderate rep ranges to tone up with some lean mass

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    You'll never find a clear and definitive answer on this. Some people swear by 10-12, others 4-6 and some even higher than that. I'm using 4-6 right now for some great gains in size on a bulk, but I also used 12-15 for great results on a cut/maintenance.

    Also depends on body parts too; some muscle groups need a little more attention. I like a "break" from things for a week every 12 (but that's just me). As far as switching it up; base it on your results visually and progress in terms of reps/weight.
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  3. I think Midwest has said it best

    I change up every so often. For awhile I've been using between 10-15, but lately just noticed a plateau. So currently I'm training in the mid 6-8 range. Upping the intensity, and dropping the volume.

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    So currently I'm training in the mid 6-8 range. Upping the intensity, and dropping the volume.
    i like dat

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  5. Use everything, try weird stuff that you have never seen published or talked about. You haven't earned your man card till you've done a 4x2 deadlift with the heaviest weight you can handle. A favorite trick of mine is to pick a weight, and pick the number of times you want to do it (ex, I want to squat 275lbs 30 times), and then do whatever number of sets with whatever number of reps you need to do it (ex, 275lbs x8, x6, x5, x5, x4, x2 and there's your squat workout).

  6. thanks guys i am doing 10-12 now and when i bulk i do around 5-6

  7. I've always found 3-5 for strength, and 6-10 for mass everytime I google rep ranges and search the other BB sites.

    I did do 5x5 and did gain strength, but I got more size by doing a 6x3, then 6,6,7 then 6,6,8 etc, til I get 8x3, then up the weight.

    I do like to switch it up after a good break (right now I've been on break for 3 mos, LOL), But usually after 8-10 weeks or a plateau......
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  8. i go in the 2-15 rep ranges. i like to cover the full spectum in my workouts, but i mostly average around 5 reps and mostly concentrate on going heavy.
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  9. Some of it depends on your genetics but, most people induce the greatest amount of hypertrophy in the 8-12 rep range. I prefer to adjust rep ranges weekly to avoid staleness. So perhaps in week 1 you can do 12-15 reps then week 2 do 8-10 week 3 10-12 week 4 as a shock week of 6-8 reps or ultra high reps 20+ reps. This should give enough variation to force growth in the long term. Be aware to drop total volume as intensity increases. You would not do as many sets of 6-8 rep exercises as you would 12-15 because the total tonnage would be significantly more. Which can lead to overtraining, the amount of volume you can handle will depend on your individual recovery ability, diet, genetics, supplementation etc.


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