Recurrening wrist issues

  1. Recurrening wrist issues

    ok guys, need some advice...

    im at the point now where my biceps strength level have surpased the capacity of my wrists to curl weight and as a result ive got minor to moderate pain in my wrists pretty much all the time that only heals so much then seems to flare up again...and im 100% sure its from curling...sitting bench or preacher curls to be exact.

    im up to about 165 for my sets of 6 (x4) and i can knock the curls out no problem but later that night and the next day the pain sets in. sometimes severe. now for the last couple of weeks ive skipped that exercise but and i'm about 90% healed but this is something that keeps coming back and im getting tired of it...its making me feel like an old man and im only 28

  2. Have you tried wrapping the BB/EZ curl bar with a towel or anything? Do concentration curls(DBs) hurt? There was a topic not too long ago of someone saying they were having forearm pains, I'll try to find that thread and it might help you.

    Righ' har

  3. ya i saw the topic on forearm and it doesn't look like its the same thing. i have zero pain while lifting / curling but its later that night and then for the next couple of weeks i have wrist pain.

    i actually just went out and got a pair of new gloves today with the wrist wrap support on them and the place the wrap goes around is exactly where im getting pain.

    maybe they will help...

  4. Hmmmm... maybe someone that knows more on it will reply. The wraps could help(if you're bending your wrists while curling), but usually it hurts right after/during, not that long after.

    GL with it.

  5. thanks for the replies man (-:



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