dead on leg or back day

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  1. dead on leg or back day

    This is probably one of the most basic questions but still would like opinions.

    What day is the best to dead on? Back or leg day

  2. Ive been doing legs every other week(got me some big ol legs) So the weeks I do legs I do stiff leg deads then. The weeks I dont do legs I do Deads. Today was my back day, I did legs friday. I tried rack pulls, and think they were a bit much after stiff legs on friday. Super low back pumps, almost unbearable.



  3. I used to do deadlifts on back day just because i consdidered it a "back" workout. One day i switched it up to leg day, and i realized i could lift better numbers, even after intense leg workouts, and total back soreness was down(my back is always sore after deads).

    So leg day is my personal preference.

  4. so then dead after squats would be legit? and then no lower back on back day

  5. That's how i roll, not saying it's the right way. Give it a try and see what you like better or what works better for your body.

    Also, i do the push/pull/leg split, working out every other day.

  6. Yeah, im still playing with the deads. Mixing it up. Seeing what would BENEFIT me the most.


  7. i actually did dead on squat day last week and my hamms have never been hit harder

  8. Deads are seen primarily as a back workout, so I always do them on back day. They give me an awesome and incomparable lower back pump...
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  9. completely agree

  10. i have seperate days based on my lifts but Id either do it 1st on back day or following squats. depends how much volume youre doing iMO
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  11. Back day for sure.
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  12. People have done it both ways and been successful. There are advantages to both approaches, so you just have to decide which way you are more comfortable with. Honestly I think your results are likely to be similar with each approach, so there's no real right or wrong answer.

  13. I do my deads right after squats on leg day. As someone else said, it really hits your hams well. I used to do deads on back day and hated the lower back pain (like someone else also said).

    My weights didn't change much by switching days, but the back pain is wayyyy down when I switched the deads over to leg day.

  14. Have toyed with both versions. Really prefer to do them first on back days.

    In fact, I pulled a PR today of 500 for 4 reps. Pretty psyched about that.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by qwerty33 View Post
    so then dead after squats would be legit? and then no lower back on back day
    I recently just switched to a two day on, one day off split that consists of an upper A/B day and a lower A/B day. Looks like this...

    Upper A - Bench, Power Clean, BB Rows, BB Shrugs, Bi & Tri exercise, DB Press

    Lower A - Front Squat, Dead, 1 quad exercise, 2 hamstring exercise, 1 calve exercise


    Upper B - Bench, Clean and Press, Military Press, Lat Pull, DB Shrug, Bi + Tri exercise

    Lower B - Back Squat, SLDL, Leg Press, BB Hack Squat, 1 or 2 hamstring exercise, 1 calve exercise



    Lots of ways you can set it up. If i'm doing 7 exercises I do 3 working sets...if i'm doing 6 exercises i'm doing 4 working sets.

  16. i've done it both ways, my DL day on my push/pull split went:

    Pull ups
    RP @ knees

    and under 5/3/1 I do DLs on typical "back day"
    Yates row

    so you decide! whatever works for you.

  17. I usually perform deads on their own day. I'll do about 4-5 sets. first three to four will be full deads. The last one too two sets will be done as partials.

    I keep my reps very low (1-3) so by the time I'm done, my CNS is taxed.

  18. sounds good guys looks like everyone has their own set up

  19. I like stiff-leg deadlifts on leg day. I usually do squats, hack squats, and stiff-leg deadlifts, in that order. I would use standard deads on back day, but I don't do standard any more.

  20. Man i read urbanski's post and i was trying to figure out what the heck a Single Leg Dead Lift was

    i don't know why stiff leg didn't occur to me

  21. switch it around between to two

  22. I think the way to do it is to change a 3 day split to a 4....

    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  23. I like to keep them separate, because I go all out on whichever one I am doing. I want maximum rest before I do either. I imagine my numbers would be drastically lower if I did both in the same day.

  24. I do regular deadlifts on back day and Romanian deadlifts on leg day, I usually have to keep about 4 days between back and leg day so I can squat/dead 'fresh'

  25. I do regular deadlifts on back day and Romanian deadlifts on leg day, I usually have to keep about 4 days between back and leg day so I can squat/dead 'fresh'


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