dead on leg or back day

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  1. I originally did them on leg day- but I switched it to back day after speaking with a friend/ trainer (who actually knows his stuff not just someone with certifications)

    I have added 60 lbs to my dead lift (repping it out 8 times) in about 4 months

    Not saying its cause i switched it to back day- i just find my body likes it more
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. Keep em separate and grow strong. SLDL are aight on leg day IMO though.

  3. Too much cns overload if you do them both in the same day. Depending on the type of deadlift it can become mostly a leg or mostly a back exercise. You could always do a split, quad and squats with deadlift and hams being on a diff day.
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  4. Depends on the setup of your split, as well as your current focus/goal.

    So, what does your current split look like?
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  5. I would do it on back day. It already works a lot of back and you can concentrate on lifting as much as possible. Your strength will be limited on leg day.

  6. I disagree, i don't think leg strength will be the limiting factor on deadlifts.


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