One rep max calculation question....

  1. One rep max calculation question....

    I currently bench 225 anywhere between 20-25 reps. I have a distal fracture in the end of my clavicle and that is the heaviest weight I can lift without aggravating my shoulder. Is there any way to calculate a one rep max with repititions of more than 10?

  2. weight / (1.0278-(.0278* reps) at 225 20 reps= 477
    weight*(reps x .033+1) at 225 20 reps =374

  3. I would say no, the weights become extremely distorted the higher number of reps and the formula seems to break down.

    I can do 225 about 20 times and there is no way I could max 370-480...
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  4. This is what I found when I googled it...

    315 8-14
    365 18-22
    405 25-30
    455 32-38
    495 40-45
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  5. Yah I seem to think closer to 30 reps at 225 would be roughly a 400 lb bench max

  6. I can do 32reps at 225 and I maxed bench at 405 for whatever thats worth

    I also did a fair amount of high rep training while boxing, so I got used to doing sets of 100 pushups and what not

    Not to mention the technique of combine benching is different then max benching. Breathing is more important in max and pace is crucial in combine.

  7. I would say they all have a good margin of inaccuracy. It is a generalized equation not taking into account different types of muscle fiber domination in different people. Also CNS training for higher rep training. One can not train in the 6-12 range building mass then expect to pick up 225 and get max reps right then and there. Would take 2-3 weeks of that type of training to retain CNS for that type of lifting to find muscular ability to lift max reps. Otherwise it is all depending on CNS condition and ATP efficiency. However once doing this there is no way your CNS would be ready to move the max effort weight at the top. So the type of training you are doing for a period of time can totally skew that equation. However for estimation of one rep max for most programs it is more than likely accurate enough for a person to use to find weights to use in the program.
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  8. All I got from that was blah blah blah, lol


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