Stem Cell Treatment

  1. Stem Cell Treatment

    So it has been months since the doctor said I should heal from a tendon tear in my shoulder. It has yet to heal and it very annoying to try and sleep with as the pain will wake me up if I move my arm the wrong way. Well, I was at the gym yesterday, doing my awesome light weight workout, and met someone who goes to an Ortho that does Stem Cell treatment. He said he had it done on his shoulder and hasn't had issues since. He said it isn't 100% guarenteed that I won't have issues but he said it is a way better alternative then surgery or life long injections. On top of this he said his insurance covered it. Lastly, he said it is a doctor that is used by the St. Louis Blues and is very reputible.

    Anyone had this done or have any insite on this?

  2. I would do search in pubmed and see if there is any studies on it.

    I do think that tendon surgeries and all that are pretty common these days and nothing to worry about.

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