5x5 and Body Fat / Weight Question

  1. 5x5 and Body Fat / Weight Question

    I'm about to do another round of 5x5 power lifting, and I'm just wondering what is the optimal effect on fat and weight. I'm saying if I want to hit the routine perfectly and get the best results in terms of performance, what happens to fat % and weight so I can adjust my diet accordingly.

    Because last time my BF% went down a bit, and my weight barely changed, but I got decent results.

  2. I'm not sure what exactly you are asking. I will say that if you want optimal strength gains on a 5x5 program you need to be eating enough that you are gaining weight during the program. Obviously you shouldn't try to gain massive amounts of fat, but a little fat gain is OK. You will recover much better with a slight caloric excess.

  3. You can actually gain weight, put on fat, and still lower your body fat percentage. Just aim to put on MORE muscle than fat, and your bf% will drop. I've added 12lbs doing the Texas Method, while dropping from 24% body fat to 22%. You will put on fat, but you will drastically improve your body composition.

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