Huge traps, small shoulders

  1. Huge traps, small shoulders

    My traps are very disproportional compared to the rest of my body. They look very large and it doesn't help since I have small shoulders and triceps. Does anyone know a good shoulder workout that doesn't also work the traps? I never do shrugs, just chest and tris one day and back and bis the next. Apparently my traps are getting a workout as well, cause they are really big.

  2. When you do your upright rows, which works out your outer delts, have a grip that is outside your shoulder width instead of inside. I see everyone doing upright rows with their hands on the insides of their shoulders and that is going to work your traps more than anything. You could superset that with DB lateral raises, which will hit your outer delts hard.

  3. And when you do rows for the back(not upright rows) dont shrug your shoulders, they should be kept down.

    When you train delts you shouldnt feel it in your traps or back, if you do the weight is most likely too heavy.

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