Aleve = no pump?

  1. Aleve = no pump?

    Hey folks,

    My doc has been on Aleve at 400mg e2hrs for a knee problem for 2wks. I currently have been on this for three days and while hitting chest/back today I got absolutely no pump whatsoever. Typically my pumps are pretty great. I'm curious as this is an anti inflamatory if the Aleve would be the cause. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.


  2. Aleve is not good for protein synthesis at all.

  3. aleve is a says it all lol..if i take advil or any med i kinda lose my pump try workin out in the morn maybe before the aleve?

  4. blood thinning... less pump. but if youre taking it for pain of some sort ill take no pain over crazy pumps lol

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    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  5. Thanks folks, I assumed it had to be the cause. Should only be on it for a week more so not a huge deal. Thanks for the replies



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