Bought Fat Gripz just now

  1. Bought Fat Gripz just now

    Bought some Fat Gripz. Was curious about the feel of thick bar training. Main selling point for me was that it would force me to grasp the bar with more force and give a better mind muscle connection through the arm.

    Anyone have anything good/bad to say about this product. What did it do for you?

    I am hoping to get thicker forearms and wider biceps. Mainly concerned getting more vascularity and thickness.

    What will this do for me on bench days? And I assume this puts much more emphasis on forearms when deadlifting?... wouldn't this force you to use less weight?

  2. I haven't personally used them but I've heard of people's lifts going up when you take the grips off after using them for awhile, just like doing on a thicker then on a regular bar.

  3. I'm interested in them, do you know how good they work?

  4. Wow, tried them today for a back and bicep workout and I must say they really put stress on the forearms and made my biceps rush with blood! Awesome awesome bicep pump. Great product and high quality. I'll update as I go on using this product. Right now I'll just experiment with them

  5. Anybody want to buy mine?

  6. i just read you can just take some of the pipe foam(the black insulation) and cut that to fit haven't taken it to the gym yet to see if they will let me use it but i think they should be okay. just my 2cents for the pro-typical college student with no money that still wants a quality workout....

  7. I have them; love them.


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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Trauma1 View Post
    I have them; love them.

    thinking of getting a pair with birthday money

  9. they are awesome, you really get a burn in your forearm. However, i had to stop using them b/c my hands arent big enough to grip them for some lifts. I might have the smallest hands ever for a guy


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