Hand pain while dipping

  1. Hand pain while dipping

    Maybe Im just a puss, but when I dip my hands hurt, almost like the bones in the palm are moving or something. It happens mostly when I do heavy weight, bw + 90lbs or so. Anyone else experience this and or know of any solution to my problem? Or should I just suck it up and stop whining.

  2. Try using a false grip, or finding a dip bar with larger diameter handles.

  3. Happens to me when I do heavy dips. Just push through it and ice your hand if you need to later LOL... You're a big dude you must have massive triceps doing 90+bw

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  4. I totally hear you. I think if you can find a bigger diameter dip bar that could help. That and I have always felt that keeping my wrists really straight under me helps with additional weight. Kind of like keeping the wrists straight and squeezing the death out of the bar while doing a heavy bench. Not sure if that makes sense but it always helped me focus on pushing heavier.
    But I also think by using that poundage you are going to get some pain. It shouldn't make you want to stop if you find that sweet spot to work in. But you are using big weights there for sure. Keep crushing it!

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