flexability issue?

  1. flexability issue?

    Sometimes when I do leg swings and when I kick, I have this pressure feeling by my pelvis, either on the top right or top leg depending on the leg that's moving. The pressure is far less then it was. It isn't a painful feeling just uncomfortable. What could this be caused by? It doesn't happen when I squat or deadlift, it only happens when my leg is high, like when I do leg swings.

  2. I've had this before when I squat mine tingles a little though almost like a slightly pinched nerve, I stretch a little more and its normally good, like you said its not painful just uncomfortable.

  3. The more you worry about pain, you more the pain receptors and pathways get sensitive. It's called the fear avoidance belief model in pain. So don't worry too much about it.

    If it bothers you, just take it to where you feel comfortable and slowly raise it in weeks to where it was uncomfortable. The graded approach.

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