lower tricep work out

  1. lower tricep work out

    whats up everyone quick question. does anyone know any workout that will hit the lower part of the triceps to isolate it during a workout ? or any type of workout to put more focus on the lower part of the triceps?

  2. Underhand pulldown, emphasising the 1st part of the movement so when the muscle is most stretched.

  3. It depend son what you consider "the lower" Underhand pulldown places more focus on the backside (long head) tricep. Rope pulldowns work the medial head.

    Heres a nice diagram of the 3 heads and workouts for each


  4. thanks guys it would be the medial im trying to get to pop out more... that is a great diagram to cowboy.

  5. If you are doing overhand exercises, you emphasize triceps long head.

    Anything else, hits the medial head and lateral head.



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