Cant Decide.

  1. Cant Decide.

    Okay, I lifted pretty regularly a few months back for about an 8 month span and got really sick and quit since then.

    I have just recently got back on here and started doing some research and can't decide really what workout is best for my body type.

    6'6 195lbs, so as you can imagine I'm pretty lean, and thin.

    So the average workout really wouldnt work for me. I had lost all my workouts I had saved on my computer so any help would be appreciated.

  2. Why won't the average workout work for you? Because you're tall?

    No offense, but that's BS, man. When I started I was 6'4" 180lb. Go do Starting Strength, or Waterbury's Total Body Training, or Starr's 5x5.
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