i know im digging up an old dog here guys.I remember way back in the day i wanted to try this program out but i never went through with it because i didnt have all the weights needed.this was back before any gym access and just an old bench and some curl bars.anyways thought i would give it a try and do something like this that basically gives focus to compound mass builders and a hit approach to sets and volume.i would like to say that doing heavy deadlifts again and barbell squats have given me some new gains.im in week two of the program and man this **** is intense..today i spent around almost 90 min in the gym...which is way longer then im used to...also im on day 20 of an mdrol cycle at 30 mg....and still getting my ass handed to me,but it is working,my lifts have went up so im on the right path-i went from 155 behind the neck presses at 7 reps to 185 for 8 reps today...yep...happy moment at the gym today.i want to do things to a t with this but thinking of tweaking it a little as far as the friday routine goes idk.so anybody else ever try this program and follow it all the way through without bitching out?and the gains Jonathan Lawson made with this program ..they say with no help..natural..idk about that 1..

anyways the program can be found for free allover the place...any experience good or bad with this one fill me in