This routine okay for an absolute beginner?

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    This routine okay for an absolute beginner?

    I have just put someone on this routine, never lifted a weight in their life, I want to make sure it is correct volume and exercise choice, main priority is safety followed by muscular balance, I don't believe in compounds only btw.

    M W F Full body
    BodyWeight Squats 3x8 M F
    45degree Hyper Extension(w/o arching lower back) 3x8 M
    Lat Pulldown 3x8 M W F with dropset M F
    DB Chest Supported row 45 degrees 3x8 M W F with dropset M F
    High Pulley cable xover 1x10-15 M W F (Prefatigue the pecs)
    DB Bench 45 degrees 3x8 M W F with dropset M F
    DB Front raise thumbs up grip 1x11 M W F
    Rear delt flyes thumbs up 1x11 M W F
    Rope Tricep Pulldown 1x11 M W F

    The one thing I am considering is maybe changing 3x8 to 2x10.
    If you would change something let me know, if everything looks good please say so. I forget what its like to train for the 1st time.

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