Hi Guys

I have been training since January and had no problems at all until this week. I have developed a ache/dull pain between my bicep and forearm. Basically on the inside of my elbow. Ironically the slight pull or strain seemed to happen at work on Tuesday. Wednesday all seemed fine so I went off to the gym to do my deadlift session. I was lifting great and managed to add 7.5kg to my maximum lift and felt fine all day. Woke up yesterday with this dull ache again and now it wont go away. Didnt do any lifting this morning just some cardio work.

Any ideas what the ache is and how long I should rest it for ?. My main problem is I love being in the gym and the idea of not lifting for a week or so does not make me happy. However I dont want to bugger up my arm for good either.

The ache isnt the usual muscle fatigue ache which is nice.