Obliques problem!

  1. Cool Obliques problem!

    Hey guys, Well I have this problem with my obliques. They are seriously hypertrophied. They make my body look square and ugly. My abs and everything look very nice. But now my obliques are just getting to big making me look like I have love handles. I was just wondering is there any ab exercises you guy know of to workout my abdominals but not my obliques. I really want to keep my abs the way they look, but I dont know if my obliques are going to keep growing if I work them. All help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. (:

  2. make your lats bigger,

    problem solved.

  3. Thats something Im defiantly going to do :P But i was wondering If if i keep doing my ab workout will it effect the size of my obliques. Because I want to keep my killer abs Ive worked hard for.

  4. you get a lot of core work with free weights,

    dont work obliques then , or mainly dont do side dips or whatever they are called.

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