Help With Arm Pain

  1. Help With Arm Pain

    So I always have had this pain in my right arm when doing arms. It's like when I'm holding onto a weight my arm is fine, but as soon as I take the tension away by putting the weight down and opening my hand. I get this horrible pain on the top part of my arm . Usually it goes away a little bit after. But today after doing Triceps it is still there just throbbing. Anyone ever experience this or have any idea what it is?


  2. where is "the top part of my arm"?

    could be some fascaitis- inflammation of tissue sheath surrounding the muscle

    could be tourque on the bone causing microfractures, which will heal quickly by the way
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  3. Yes, I get those occassionally too. Experiment with different grip positions, different arm angles when using it. Also try ENLARGING the dumbell grip, may take some of the stress of your arm. By this I mean slipping a sheath over the grip to make the radius 50% or so larger.

  4. By top of the arm I mean top part of the forearm. I will have to give enlarging the grip a try.

  5. I get the same things when I let go.. and if I push it sometimes even when I exhale... I think it tendinitis

  6. Over extension, improper technique could be to blame...

    But as Bezoe asked, "Where is the top part of the arm?"

  7. It's not to much extension because it isn't at a joint. Go to google and type in Brachioradialis. It should come up with a forearm picture. It is basically the top forearm muscle.

  8. I have a pain in the same region and I suspect something to do with the Brachioradialis or the bursa on the radial tuberosity. The pain appeared at the same time my olecranon bursa inflamed, maybe the one that cushions the biceps tendon that wraps around the radius when my forearm is rotated went up too.

    It's aggravated by hammer curl type movements, wide grip pull-downs, rows etc. It doesn't seem to be grip related, I can use grippers without pain. It's just when there is elbow flexion.

    Doing more close grip movements helped but it wasn't a full solution.

    I'd be interested in anyone else's experience of this too.

  9. bursitis of the forearm or any muscles in the forearm is not very predominant. seems like fascitis, possibly around the brachioradialis. tendinits could be ruled out because the insertion of this muscle is at the very distal end of the radius.

    i say fascitis.. JMO from what youve given us.

    try ice after workouts, STRETCH the area frequently and yes maybe vary your grip/form on the arm exercises
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.


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