lifting straps vs hooks

  1. lifting straps vs hooks

    iv used them both but im gonna buy a pair and idk which one to go with. I like hooks but i dont want to cut out griping it myself but when i use straps i still loose the bar. any advice thanks

  2. Straps seem more versatile than hooks.. IMO

  3. I have both however since I have started strength conditioning I have used neither. I'm doing a 5x5 program that starts me at 60% of my max which I figured I'd go until my grip fails me and only then utilize one of the two. I would say the straps over the hooks though unless your gym has rubberized bars in which case the hooks work better.

  4. Straps are more versatile as gamer said, but if you still drop the bar with straps and you dont with hooks, then your answer seems clear! Why buy a product that wont solve the issue?

  5. Hooks should only be used for ME(still to be avoided if possable). If you're having a big issue with dropping the bar with straps you grip strength is way to weak and the hooks will only make it worse.

  6. if you droping weight with straps your useing them wrong.i do over 400ibs sruggs with straps i can hold my strap with 2 fingers on each side no problem google it a lot of instrutions on the right way to use straps step by step

  7. i use straps for heavy BB rows, heavy lat pulldowns, and heavy shrugs. if you're using them correctly you should have no problem with grip.

    on my heaviest sets its not my grip that gives with the straps. it's the feeling that the straps are digging into my wrists that makes me call it quits.

  8. i think straps are better if for nothing else you actually have to use your hands to grip the weight....with hooks you are using your hands minimally


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