Workout Routine?

  1. Workout Routine?

    hello i have just started working out at my local gym. I haven't had to much experience in the gym other than running. But my friend who was the same size as me after working out for a year and half got HUGE. Of course he used supplements and told me what he used to get started. Currently im using Jacked3d before my workout. I am also taking animal pak once a day everyday. And also after my workout i take isomass gainer that i bought a long time ago.
    Anyways for my workout routine now i mostly focus on upper body my arms and back. I like doing dumbell free weights and curling bars and bench presses. I also do machines like the cable pull down amd a few others. Im just looking to get a good figure larger arms and chest. Occasionally i do work out my legs to give my arms a break. For a quick summary of where i am on wights i do 35LBS. on dumbells. I curl 70LBs. I bench 135LBS on a guided bench press.

    I feel like im not getting as pumped anymore. Im not sure if i should up the weight a bit or do more reps and really push through the pumps. Towards like rep 10-12 it feels like my skin is going to burst. And i can feel my muscles really tighten up.

    Any tips on how to make my muscles larger.

  2. Cycle your reps.

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