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    I'm trying to put on muscle and bet bigger all around. I started a new routine doing low reps and a lot of sets with heavy weight.I try to stay between 5-8 reps x5. As u can tell I'm pretty lean being 6'3" 185 so I'm trying to put on weight but I don't rly want to get bulky or blouded looking. After my work out I walk at an incline keeping my heartrate at about 130. So I guess my question is is my walking afterwards kinda canceling out my goal of trying to get big or in otherwords wasting my time doing power lifting?

  2. Cardio isn't all bad if you are looking to bulk up more. Too much of it can hinder your gains though. Bulkers usually do cardio every other day, 2 times a week, or whenever they think they're starting to put on too much fat.

    Your biggest thing is going to be your eating habits and making sure you are eating plenty to start gaining, otherwise you're going to stay lean with or without cardio.

    I personally do HIT every other day or every two days. As long as you clean bulk and do some cardio(debatable if cardio is required because of so many other variables though) then you should be fine. For awhile, I did no cardio and was able to put on plenty of muscle with very little fat being added(clean bulk as well).

  3. You would be better doing interval training after your lifting.

    As far as I understand, a short high intensity burst of cardio (20 mins) is less like to put your body in a catabolic state than long chilled out cardio.

    Guys please correct me if im wrong. However when I bulk I follow my lifting with a 2.4mile run (about 18 mins on a good day)

    Followed by half a pint of apple juice, a scoop of creatine and a scoop of BCAAs
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