wendlers lagging bodypart fix

  1. wendlers lagging bodypart fix

    I was reading Jim wendler's 52 most common questions about 5/3/1 article on elitefts. Someone asked about how to add more volume to there lacking back:

    " How to increase your pulling (back) volume?

    Do one set of pulling between EVERY PUSHING MOVEMENT even the warm-ups and work sets. I do 50 chin ups before I even touch a barbell in the weight room. And then sets of 10 between every set that I do, including all warm-ups and work sets.

    -- Jim Wendler (52 Most Common 5/3/1 Questions)

    How would this work for any other compound simplified training program and do you think he means just on back/chest day or every workout? I mean for the regular guy wouldn't this lead to overtraining? Wendler is clearly a freak of nature.

    Im wondering if it would be a good way for someone to work on a lagging bodypart such as calves. Maybe throw in a set of heavy low rep calve raises between every applicable set.

  2. He is actually answering a question regarding how to balance the amount of pressing work with pulling work. In essence he is saying you should do approximately the same amount of pulling as pressing (for shoulder health and balanced development). This was an actual follow-up for someone who had neglected the pulling aspect and now had to "catch up" the pulling with the pressing. You only do this on days you train the upper body. If doing an equal amount of pulling as pressing causes you to overtrain, you need to re-think your program. You should be doing relatively equal amounts on pulling and pressing anyway, so I don't really see this as too much extra work.
    If you are wanting to add an additional exercise in this fashion, then you might have to be a little more careful with doing too much extra stuff.

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