Weight Lifters (exertion) Headache

  1. Weight Lifters (exertion) Headache

    So during squats a few days ago I got what appears to be an exertion headache from what i could find online. On the last set of my squats all of a sudden it felt like someone smashed a plate into the back of my head, could barely make it home from the gym, headache lasted the rest of the day. This was the first time this ever happened to me. After feeling ok for the next couple days, i tried to do some light curling and BAM! it hits me again! I have all ready called and talked to my doc and go in tomorrow to make sure its not something more serious.

    My question for those who have unfortunately gotten one of these before is how long did you have to take off of lifting before being able to lift again without triggering another one. Also from some of my searching it sounds like some people cant get rid of them? If thats the case, how do you deal with or medicate so that you can continue to work out? This is an extremely frustrating situation! I had been making some great progress and now this happens and I cant workout!

    Thanks for all of your help guys!

  2. I got mine from jogging, I had to take about 10-14 days off from everything, otherwise it will just keep coming back, when you do get back to stuff you need to ease into it over about 2 weeks. From what I gathered its brought on by not breathing enough, so when you squat try catch your breath better and dont make shifts with your head looking up and down.

    I havent heard of people being unable to get rid of them, when I went back to jogging it worried me a bit as it felt like it was coming back although very minor but it never did, I am not jogging at the moment but I havent had any problems with squats etc.
    I would assume the people who never got rid of it were people who never gave themselves a break either due to needing to go up stairs, or labour work etc or have breathing problems like asthma or emphysema.

    I just suddenly felt massive pressure in my head like my brain was gonna pop a blood vessel. I thought I was having an aneurysm so I was ****ting myself.
    The residual headache stayed for days constant. I asked my doc about it and he just said it was a change in blood pressure, but it was actually an exertion headache.

    My thread about it is here: Any1 had pressure in there head while jogging?

  3. I had this issue in the past from trying to break 1RM in squats. Mine have never lasted more than a couple days. The last time it happened I though it was going to end up with me in the ER because it made it to where i had what looked like shimmers of light all through my vision, luckly it went away after my heart rate went back to normal. Just give it a few days then go light for a couple more and best to luck to you.

    BTW post what your doc says on the issue.

  4. I've gotten these a few times. Last was about 3 months ago doing squats. I was changing it up from squating heavy, low reps. Going 3x15 and during the end of the 2nd set it hit. Man that one lasted a while.

    I stopped squating and replaced them with Deads. Deads didn't seem to trigger it as bad. Although it took 2 weeks before I could squat heavy again without pain. Ibuprofin helped but it also can affect recovery.

    Now I just try my best to keep my head looking straight(it was looking up when this triggered) and also breath right. But I'm also subject to frequent tension headaches the way it is...

  5. So I went to the doctor and he ordered an MRI and a MRA that both found nothing unusual, so that's good. My blood pressure was a little bit high at 130/60 though. Not sure if that had anything to do with getting the headaches or not. I think i'm just gonna wait until its been 2 weeks since the last headache and then try and ease back into everything and see how it goes. Hopefully 2 weeks will be enough time to recover and prevent it from coming back right away.

  6. I got these a few months back when doing my leg workouts(squats,leg press)

    I'm a pretty stubborn guy so I really didn't take any time off. I just took some asprin to thin the blood a bit and made sure I drank more water. It went away after a while, maybe two weeks.

    It is something you get from not breathing correctly. I thought I was breathing just fine but when I really concentrated on it they went away. I got it one more time after that but I knew it was going to happen because I held my breath on a couple reps like an idiot.

    The last time I took a few days off and then I was fine.

  7. Over the years I have found that my headaches are largely due to chiropractic reasons...ie a vertebrae is out of place and usually it's cervical. Its super easy to pull a vertebrae out of alignment once you start to push bigger numbers. I try to get adjusted after my heavy WO is done for the week and I ice my shoulder and neck at the first sign of inflammation. Helps a lot and seldom ever take NSAIDs.


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