Ground distance for deadlift.

  1. Ground distance for deadlift.

    I have weights that don't get the bar very high off the ground for my deadlift (about 2 3/4 inches) and I was wondering how high off the ground I need to start that bar off from. It would be very appreciated to know and thank you in advanced.

  2. Are you using "standard" weights, or "Olympic"?

  3. From what I have read, lower bar height will start incorporating more quadriceps and will drop you into a half to full squat position. The end-result is that you will get more of a quadriceps workout, but you will sacrifice lifting potential for this since the body is more powerful in a half squat position. From a personal standpoint, I hate bending over more to grab the bar as I find I am more likely to attempt to squat the bar up than lift with my back. Grab some plates or steps and use them as stand-offs on either side of the bar to get the correct height.

  4. Less than 3 inches off the ground wouldn't even clear your shoes. I don't know what kind of plates you are using, but I don't see how these plates could give you any significant weight on the bar. I would either go to a gym with normal 45# olympic plates and put them on the bar and measure the distance. You could also search the internet for the dimensions of 45# olympic plates and do some basic calculations.

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