Can someone suggest a good hypertrophy workout?

  1. Can someone suggest a good hypertrophy workout?

    I have been doing DC training for the past 3 months and I would like to change it up for a few months. My joints are feeling the effects from the heavy weight and I have a cruise coming up in a week, so I was wanting a workout that focus' on hypertrophy instead of strength. There is only one catch, NO LEG WORK.

    All suggestions are welcome. I would like to hear experiences with whatever program is suggested as well.

  2. i just recently changed my workout and it takes alot for me to gain mass and this week ive put on a pound and a half. here is what im doing for the next few weeks and i love it, but remember, the key is to always change your routine up.

    mon - back and chest (only 3 exercises per muscle group 3 to 4 sets)
    tues - arms
    wed - off
    thurs - back chest
    friday- arms
    sat - legs (i know u said u cant do leg work so maybe do shoulders here or something)
    sun off

    this is another one i go back to alot

    mon - chest
    tues - back
    wed - off
    thurs - 5x5
    friday - off
    sat - arms and squats
    sun - off
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  3. thank you for the response. IF I wanted to do a push/pull split how would I go about doing so? How many reps/sets? how many days off? I'm not very familiar with this type of workout, all i know is that you don't train to failure, correct?

    And as far as putting the 5x5 in there, do you do a full body day on that 5x5?

    I really like the first workout you suggested, but i don't like taking a full day for just arms. I will try to come up with a modified version of this.

  4. i hate push pull routines personally. the first workout is a modified version of one of arnolds old workout i found in the bodybuilding encyclopedia written by arnold. everytime i lift arms twice a week they explode. this works for me because i recover very quick so working something out twice a week for me does the trick. as for the 2nd workout and 5x5 on thursday, i do bench, row, deads and squats. so i hit ALMOST each muscle again so im almost getting a second workout in for each muscle.
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