I had been doing p90x for a couple of years untill last november. I was doing laying down over head tricep extensions and i felt a burning sensation in both my elbows. I never lost and strength in my forearms or hands like is noted with tennis elbow. I took a month off and still no progress. I gave it another month and still nothing.

I went to the doctor. He did xrays on my elbows and told me they are perfectly healthy. He sent me to physical therapy and all they did was show me how to do the same stretches and exercises that I had found on the internet.

Also around that time I started feeling some shoulder pain. I started in both my shoulders but my right shoulder was worse just like my right elbow is worse then my left. My shoulders make popping noises. The pain my right shoulder even travels down into my right shoulder blade.

Could my problems be connected somehow? After this many months of not being able to workout I feel like im doomed from ever working out again. I was on my way to being in shape and healthy and now the scales or tipping again lol...