Just started 5/3/1

  1. Just started 5/3/1

    So far so good. It looks promising, and knowing that, if done correctly, I'll be hitting new PRs makes me happy.

    I wonder if this program will also help me build muscle, and not just add strength.


  2. Doubt you will add much mass if at all,

    I would do 5/3/12 if you want to add mass, 12 being the dropset for the mass aspect.

  3. You will add mass if you eat enough. Increase you calories so you are 250 over your daily requirements and with lifting heavy and increasing the weight over time you will get bigger. This is the basis of all weight lifting programs. If you don't have enough calories then you won't get bigger no matter, which program you follow.

  4. i did 5/3/1 for 4 cycles and although it kicked my ass i loved it, and i did gain weight and strength. its all about diet. what are you goals? eat over maintenance and you'll gain.
  5. Just started 5/3/1

    Thanks fellas. Im eating 3700-4000 a day. Im still not gaining much weight, I fluctuate +/-2lbs every week for some reason. Im 6'1 180.

    As far as 5/1/12 idea, my assistance exercises are from 8-10 reps so i walk out of the gym with a nice pump and the muscle fried. Im hoping the assistance exercises will put some mass on my frame, while 5/3/1 gives me strength.

  6. look at matt rhodes version of the 5/3/1 which will allow u to do heavy singles 2 outta the 4 weeks.

  7. Just do the boring but big assistance template and eat plenty of food. This provides you with plenty of volume and should build some very good size if your diet is adequate.


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