training for long limbed people?

  1. Question training for long limbed people?

    I am...
    22 yr old
    6' 3"

    I have extremely long arms and legs, and long muscles. my legs however make my upper body look small. I have been weight training sense i was 16, and over the years i have tried many different workout splits and training styles, but have never been able to thicken up my arms. Is their anyother long limbed ppl out there that have successfully put some mass on their arms with some advice for me?

  2. i have short arms and my biceps keep growing while my forearms are staying pretty much the same size. people tell me they look fine but i imagine it doesnt look good.
    my buddy got his bench up to 240 ( with really good form ) and he has extremely tiny forearms and wrists
    and his arms are only slightly longer then mine

    what did make my forearms grow ( trust me try this )
    take a small bar like one you would find on a hamstring curl maybe 7 or 8 inches long
    tye a string to the bar with about 3 foot lenth and tie the other end to a 5 or 10 pound weight ( make sure there is enough room for both hands to fit on either side of the string ) and twist the bar back and forth slowly only using your wrist untill the weight has been pulled all the way up to the bar from the floor, once you get it there twist the bar back and forth in the other direction and let the string slowly lower the weight back to the ground i promise your forearms will be on fire so damn much that you will only want to do this twice a week maybe once, not only will they be on fire but they will also be pumped

    ----- and if anyone thinks this is crazy talk then go read
    The weider approach

  3. Just going to take more mass my man, your muscle are no different other than their length.

    But the benefit is worth the wait, your gunna look insane once you have bigger arms.

    Just make sure your not cheating your upperbody, if you have huge discrepancies on how much you lift in relation to your upperbody , then you should address that.
  4. purebred
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    You have more frame to fill in when you're taller. It just means you require a higher weight to achieve the "full" look. Imagine for a second your weight on someone who's 5'7" and I'm sure you'll be able to understand a bit better what it is I mean.

  5. Lift heavy. All the time. High amounts of reps won't cut it. And eat like an elephant.

  6. At your height, you just need more mass overall. Work on getting very strong on your pressing movements and rowing/pull-ups. Use sets of 5 as they provide a good mix of both strength and size, provided you eat enough. Also work on keeping your elbows tucked when doing any sort of pressing movements as this will provide more tricep work vs. pecs. Use extensions and curls for higher reps as "finishers".


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